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Fulgurites (from Latin Fulgar) lightening are produced by lightening striking exposed surfaces.These fulgurites have been found at the feet of sand dunes of the Great Sand Sea in S.W. of Egypt. The tubular shapes are typical of lightening striking sand on rocks, they may have different shapes.It has been estimated each flash realises an arc energy of 1 billion 30,000K, the peak currents measurer range 10KA to 100KA and last for only a few microseconds. This high energy will melt or vaporise the sands or rock with formation of amorphous glass named by A. Lacroix who studied this phenomenon since 1915. Lechateliente (after the French mining engineer Le Chastelier).Tubular fulgurites are known to exceed 18 meters but recovery is near impossible. They are very fragile and are usually found in pieces 10

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