Astronomite, a spectacular piece, art in nature!
Discovered and named in 2002 by Johan Pas near Kununurra, East Kimberley, Western Australia.
This iron-rich siltstone comes from the Late Proterozoic Ranford Formation, 610 MYO.

Astromomite helpful bringing in new and expanded awareness, clarity, and mental agility.  Exceptional quality


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Astronomite is said to be the rarest of the siltstones, discovered by local prospector, J. Pas, in 2002. It is an indurated very fine grained, dark chocolate brown siltstone. Within this are numerous and irregularly spaced pale yellowish cream coloured orbicules 1-10mm in diameter. A close study of the orbicules show them as concentric ferruginous siltstone rings, progressing from an indistinct pale yellowish cream coloured centre, to a broad light banded pink or orange zone, and finally a thin but distinct cream coloured ring.

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