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Relax your Worries CD


About the Author

Dr Cate Howell is a general practitioner specialising in mental

health, psychotherapy and counselling for the past eighteen

years. She has a training consultancy with Dr Michele Murphy

and is also a lecturer and researcher at the University of


Dr Michele Murphy is a clinical psychologist with over twenty

years’ experience. She works in private practice and is a guest

lecturer at the University of Adelaide.

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Relax your Worries CD * An introduction with general guidelines about using the CD which are provided for your comfort and safety (including this CD is not to be listened to whilst driving). * A range of relaxation techniques (breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, visualisation, mindfulness, ‘three buckets’*and self-compassion exercises**). * Concluding section with common questions about relaxation to help in overcoming ‘roadblocks’ to relaxation, and reorientation.

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