Stunning quality, elegantly set to display the beauty of this stone,Pietersite Oval Pendant, with amazing chatoyancy.

Also known as Tempest Stone.

Pietersite is a powerfully cleansing stone of the aura, and physical body. asssisting with the experience of intense emotion or the release of these emotions. Pietersite indicates change is at hand, be prepared to make a transition, and to support the planet in her transition.

Helps the physical body remain grounded, as these emotions and experiences are processed.

When this cleansing process is undertaken our physical vessel is more able to deal with stress, and pressure.

Then communication channels are clearer and more focused.


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Pietersite was discovered by Sid Pieters in 1962 in Namibia, and named in his honour.Pietersite is a chalcedony with embedded fibers of amphibole minerals with varying degrees of alteration. The fibers cause a chatoyancy similar to that seen in tiger’s eye.Pietersite colours include blue, rusty red, gold and brown.Wear Pietersite to bring the mind into alignment with the Heart. Truely a stone of the moment.

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