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Moments of Stillness CD


About the Author

Dr Sarah Edelman is a registered psychologist who specialises in the treatment of anxiety, depression and stress disorders. She has a private practice in Sydney, Australia.

Peter Dixon has released several recordings that feature gentle guitars, soothing keyboards and synthesizers. He is most interested in providing recordings that ease the listener’s stress levels. Peter works from his recording studio at the foothills of the Watagan Mountains near Lake Macquarie.

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Moments of StillnessGuided Meditation and Deep-Relaxation ExercisesFor release of stress, healing and peace of mindMoments of Stillness presents a range of guided relaxation and meditation exercises, spoken to a background of gentle, ambient music. A meditation exercises, including focus on the breath, mantra, visual imagery, affirmation and healing energy. Doing these exercises enables the listener to experience a state of deep physical relaxation and mental stillness.

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