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Malachite & Azurite Ring


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Azurite & Malachite Ring set in sterling silver with an open back.

There is a flash of Chrysocolla and Cuprite in this stone.
Explore nature in all its wonder through this stone.
Wear Azurite and Malachite to enhance meditation and inspiration, while being aware of the correct use of personal power.

Measurement is stone only. Photograph taken in daylight, actual stone is slightly darker.

Ring size 19 / 59

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Malachite Sometimes called ‘the stone of transformation’ assisting one in changing situations, and providing for the transfer of sacred information to spiritual evolution. Clears and activates all chakras, balancing and equalising it can create an unobstructed path leading to a desired goal. Facilitates the rise of spirituality and the enhancement of psychic abilities. Reduces stress and tension. Guides us to the correct use of personal power. Azurite A Third Eye stone, which links intuition and inspiration with the Heart chakra, thus assisting with the integration of the information into the physical realm Azurite clears the mind, bringing clarity of thought and creative awareness and expression. Dream recall is enhanced. Meditation is often enhanced, with deeper and more profound insights and greater understanding of information recieved. The insights are then more easily integrated into the physical world. Cuprite Allow yourself time for introspection and reflection, to gain insights into the way ahead. Grounding and is vitalizing to the physical body. Can help alleviate tiredness. Particularly useful to open and activate the Heart chakra. Assists one to integrate and ground Spiritual insights and wholeness into physical reality. When correctly grounded these insights are able to be integrated into daily life with ease.

Additional information

Shipping Weight0.15 kg
Shipping Dimensions2.6 × 3.8 cm
Height (cm)

Width (cm)

Depth (cm)





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