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Extinct tiger shark – Physogaleus contorfus


Extinct Tiger Shark – Physogaleus contortus

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Estimated length : Three metres (10 feet)

Age : Late Miocene, about 6 million years old

Locality : Venice Beach, Florida

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Extinct Tiger Shark – Physogaleus contortusEstimated length : Three metres (10 feet)Age : Late Miocene, about 6 million years oldLocality : Venice Beach, FloridaThis awesome predator ruled the tropical seas throughout the Late Oligocene and Miocene epoch – 20 to 5 million years ago. A cousin of the modern Tiger shark, this awesome predator left no direct descendants. It’s fossil teeth occur worldwide, but are best known from the tropical fossil deposits of the east coast of the USA..

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Dimensions5.3 x 7.5 cm
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