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Chrysocolla & Galena Tumbled Stone


Galena and Chrysocolla a powerful combination, to ground purity in inspired communication into the physical realm.

There are varying amounts of Chrysocolla showing in each stone.

There are slight size and weight variations as all stones are unique

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Galena Is a stone of powerful protection especially during meditation and when undertaking shamanic work. Galena assists with introspection, overcoming fears and self limiting beliefs. Galena grounds Spiritual Light into the physical realm. DO NOT make an elixer from Galena. Chrysocolla Opens and cleanses the Throat chakra, while creating a gentle and supportive link between the Heart and Throat chakras. Chrysacolla is a stone of harmony. Bringing gentle Heart centred openness and communication. It can help ease fear, anxiety and guilt.

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Weight0.78 kg
Dimensions1.5 x 2 cm
Height (cm)

Width (cm)




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