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Chrysocolla & Cuprite Pendant


This stone was recently discovered in Mexico. It is also known by the names Sonora Sunrise, Sonora Sunset and Crimson Cuprite.

This pendant has the dramatic orange red tones of Cuprite with a splash of Chrysocolla.

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Chrysocolla Opens and cleanses the Throat chakra, while creating a gentle and supportive link between the Heart and Throat chakras. Chrysacolla is a stone of harmony. Bringing gentle Heart centred openness and communication. It can help ease fear, anxiety and guilt. Cuprite Allow yourself time for introspection and reflection, to gain insights into the way ahead. Grounding and is vitalizing to the physical body. Can help alleviate tiredness. Particularly useful to open and activate the Heart chakra. Assists one to integrate and ground Spiritual insights and wholeness into physical reality. When correctly grounded these insights are able to be integrated into daily life with ease

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Weight0.79 kg
Dimensions2.3 x 3.4 cm
Height (cm)

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