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Bull Shark – Carcharhinus leucus


Bull Shark – Carcarhinus leucus

Estimated length : three and a half metres (11 feet)

Age : Late Miocene, about 6 million years old

Locality : Venice Beach, Florida

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Bull Shark – Carcarhinus leucusEstimated length : three and a half metres (11 feet)Age : Late Miocene, about 6 million years oldLocality : Venice Beach, FloridaThe modern Bull shark is one of the three most dangerous sharks to man. It lives close to the shore and can tolerate brackish and even fresh water. It will eat almost anything that moves. Fossil teeth of Requiem sharks (genus Carcharhinus) are notoriously difficult to identify to a species. Bull sharks have large triangular heavily serrated teeth that can be mistaken for those of a white shark.

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