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Blue Tiger Eye Pendant


Blue Tiger Eye Pendant, also known as Hawks Eye.

This pendant glows, and come alive as light and movement roll across the surface of the stone.

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Hawks Eye

Tiger Eye has a gold sheen whereas Hawks Eye has a blue, blue grey, or blue green sheen.

Hawks Eye can assist us with looking at issues which affect our daily lives as if from above and from outside ourselves.
This gives insight and a clear, realistic perspective of these issues. An ability to expand the mind and understand ouselves and our potential.

When working on clearing negative patterns from the body, this is a powerful tool to bring healing directly into the body. Manifestation skills are enhanced as we work with the Light and release patterns which no longer serve our path.

Bringing peace and understanding of how the world operates, so broarder perspectives can be developed and integrated.

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Weight0.16 kg
Dimensions6 x 8 cm
Height (cm)

Width (cm)

Depth (cm)



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