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Black Obsidian & Smokey Quartz Bracelet


Black Obsidian Chunky Chips and Smokey Quartz pebble and round beads create an interesting bracelet. Strung on elastic for a comfortable fit.

Brings an understanding of silence and ‘the void’. Detachment, but with wisdom and Love

Be sure to have a conscious awareness of the reflective intensity this stone may dispaly, for some people.

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Black ObsidianOften called the ‘mirror stone’, it reflects one personal issues, so that they can come to the conscious mind, to be dealt with, then let go of.Obsidian can help protect against the negativity of others and has a grounding influence helping one to stay focused in the moment.Smokey QuartzHelps to clear heavy or discordant, or negative energy from the physical system. Assists us in receiving high frequency information and to ground this into the physical.

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