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Ascherson’s Shark – Cretalamna aschersoni


Ascherson’s Shark

Estimated length : four metres (13 feet)

Age : Early Eocene, about 52 million years old

Locality : Khouribga, Morocco

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Ascherson’s Shark – Cretalamna aschersoniEstimated length : four metres (13 feet)Age : Early Eocene, about 52 million years oldLocality : Khouribga, MoroccoThis is a relatively uncommon fossil shark with delicate, very attractive teeth. Little is known about it’s ancestors; it became extinct in the Late Eocene, about 35 million years ago leaving no living descendants. The front teeth are spear-like and the lateral teeth possess large separate lateral cusps giving them an exotic appearance.

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Dimensions5.3 x 7.5 cm
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